• "Talented, tenacious, and tough."
    —Star Pulse
  • "THE top female magician!"
    —Criss Angel
  • "One of the magic world's most promising stars-to-be."
    —Variety Magazine
  • "An accomplished magician and motivational speaker!"
    —Teen Vogue
  • "The dedication that goes into her magic is evident."
    —Los Angeles Times
  • "She is definitely not just a pretty face."
    —The Examiner
  • "She's clearly set apart by her drive."
  • "Krystyn has made her mark!"
    —Lance Burton, Master Magician
  • "Krystyn Lambert was responsible for [Jane's] entire backstory."
    —Olivia Wilde, on her Incredible Burt Wonderstone Role
  • "She's earned the right to be [on Team Angel]."
  • "Krystyn has uncompromising strength."
    —Empowered Living Radio