I got back from Washington DC earlier this week, as I had been lecturing and performing at Magi-Whirl, which is put on by a prominent ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

They had asked me to speak about my career, starting from when I first got interested in magic, and eventually became the youngest Junior Member of the Magic Castle… All the way to being in BeLIEve and the shows that ensued thereafter. I did a Q&A after my talk, and had a great time communing with my fellow magicians in attendance.

That night I performed in their gala show, where I did some pieces of mental magic I’ve had in development for some time. It was a blast, and I really enjoyed perfoming things the magic community hasn’t really seen me do before.

Pluuus, I got a signed Dell O’Dell book. A total gem! Here are some photos from the lecture, of what I wore for the show, and Magical Moments: