March Favorites: OOTD Edition

I was painfully uncool in high school, and like so many of us, I got bullied. And I certainly got bullied more if I came to school dressed in cute fashion. So I opted out. I basically dressed in camping clothes from REI, and figured it was just easier that way.

But when I got to college, a new world opened up, as I started to care a lot less about outside opinions. I was just over it. So I got more playful with my style, and what started out as simple florals and black berets turned into sparkles and fur. I was coming into my own, and I wasn’t afraid of it.

I wound up leaving UCLA early to go to Vegas and join Criss Angel’s TV show, which turned into years of live shows. Long story short, while being in the shows was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, I wound up having to swap my sequins for spikes and my lamé for leather.

However, after the injury that forced me to leave the shows (I tore my achilles in the upside-down straitjacket escape), I’ve started to come back to the things I treasure and adore: rhinestones, denim, faux fur, and lots of pink. And at the same time, I absolutely can’t resist a good Slayer tee… But I fail to see any dissonance. It’s my taste, and it’s what makes me me.

And when I concoct an outfit that resonates with me, I just want to wear it over and over. I have to force myself to switch it up! So here are four of my current favorite #OOTD’s that are all I want to wear: